The concept of our company was formed in the early 1990s as an accounting service company formerly known as Michelle Becker, Inc. As owner and President, Michelle Becker became a leading provider of accounting services and systems for small businesses in the Wichita community with a unique customer service approach. This approach has created many successful, long-term partnerships with business owners in a variety of industries over the past twenty years. Her extensive background that included the installation, training and support of MAS90 accounting systems and her ability to apply years of accounting experience created a winning combination.

In the years since, Profit Builders, Inc. has focused on providing quality services that suit each customer's needs through the development of dedicated staff, an investment in powerful accounting systems and the integration of technology to enhance our processes. The Profit Builders, Inc. restaurant customer base has grown to include leading franchisees of Hardees, YUM Brands, Papa Johns and Qdoba restaurants as well as customers in a variety of other industries. The relationship with our customers is the foundation of our growth with customer referrals as our primary source of new business. Today, Profit Builders, Inc. services customers in over 35 states.

Great service, delivered every day, allows our customers to focus on growing their business and is the founding principle that supports our company name.... Profit Builders, Inc.


Address:  7325 W 33rd N,
Wichita, KS 67205
Tel:  316-729-7900
Fax: 316-721-2732
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About Us

Profit Builders is an Accounting Services Company built on experience, commitment and technology. We have a proud history of building quality long-term client relationships. Our goal is to be there all along the way to assist you in building a profitable business while at the same time removing the burden of accounting and payroll activities.