Frequently Asked Question's

Why should I consider using Profit Builders?

There are many considerations that go in to a decision such as this. First, we've developed a team that is experienced and good at what they do. Along with that, Profit Builders, Inc has a clear vision of the type of clients they want and that allows us to provide an even better product offering. We've specialized in key business types allowing us to understand your business and can provide a much higher value to our customer. We truly are your partner.

Will I save money using Profit Builders

The answer is most likely, yes! Because of our great systems and expertise, we can leverage these costs to your benefit. Whether it is clearly a reduction of in-house personnel cost or removing costs associated with employee turnover, benefits and cross training costs, we remove many of these type of concerns in your workplace. These costs are just one part of the savings. Often our clients find that they are positioned to make better business decisions with our services and utilize our expertise to improve their profit margins.

My financial records are not where they should be. Can you help?

Many of our current clients have come to us in this situation. You shouldn't wait or avoid the decision to seek our help and guidance. We can evaluate the steps needed to get your accounting records straight. Some of our best clients have come to us in this situation and are now more profitable than ever!

Can I have Profit Builders process only my payroll?

Our services can be tailored to whatever you needs might be, including payroll only service.

How do you determine what the charge will be for providing services for my business?

Several factors are involved in setting our price. Because of our Flexible Pricing model, we have no set fees. Such things as number of employees, invoices, transaction levels, etc go in to our pricing. Once these factors are identified, a set monthly/period price is established. We don't charge additional hourly fees or extras for processing W2s, 1099s, etc. We feel it is important if you have questions or need help, you can email or call us at any time without worrying about being charged extra.

I am currently using Quickbooks to manage my accounting. If I switch to Profit Builders will I lose that financial history?

We have a large number of clients that have this situation. The answer to this is no, you do not lose that history! We are able to bring any financial history over from Quickbooks into our system. Depending on the amount of data being transfered, we charge a one time fee to get your records brought over into our system. After that, you have access to all history consolidated into one location going forward.

I am on the go a lot. Do you have a way for me to access my reports and financial data while I'm out of the office?

Absolutely! We put a lot of focus and investment in technology and we know that you need access to relevent data when you are on the go. When we create your financial reports and other requested reports, they are delivered to a secured personal Client Workspace which you will have access to 24/7. Your client workspace is accessible by any web browser (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer*). In addition, there are currently mobile apps availble for Android and iOS devices which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store by searching for "Central Desktop".

But better yet, this workspace is capable of much more than simple file storage/retrieval. With your workspace you will be able to communicate directly with your Profit Builders team members, securely send reports and financials to important business contacts and lenders, and much more. One location to collaborate with us and watch your business grow!


*Note: Only versions IE9 and above are supported.


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About Us

Profit Builders is an Accounting Services Company built on experience, commitment and technology. We have a proud history of building quality long-term client relationships. Our goal is to be there all along the way to assist you in building a profitable business while at the same time removing the burden of accounting and payroll activities.