Accounting Manager

Jami Rausch

February 2014
Wichita, KS
Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice/Biology from WSU and Bachelor’s in Accounting from Friends University

What do you like best about the Profit Builders culture and working here?

The diversity we see with our clients and the small-business atmosphere within Profit Builders itself. It feels good to be part of a growing small business.

Tell us about your career development.

During college, I worked at KU School of Medicine doing accounting and administrative work and really enjoyed working with the doctors and healthcare staff. Right out of college, I did manufacturing account for a local plant. Then I moved on to be an accounting manager for an outdoor retailer for many years. Going from working with indigent patients to outdoor enthusiasts, I witnessed a wide range of lifestyles. I most enjoy doing service accounting above all other types.

What sets Profit Builders apart from its competitors in the industry?

The one-on-one relationship between the client and their accounting/payroll team. Everyone works really well together and I think that flows down to the client. We make is a priority to stay checked into our client and their needs, even when things are going well

Profit Builders's PROWORK system concentrates on the relationship between employer, employee, and the payroll provider. How do you feel that connection is important?

It keeps everyone on the same page. Being able to have a web-based payroll and HR system and the ease of having everything in one place and assessable from anywhere is priceless.

Tell us about your family and hobbies.

I have been married for 11+ years and have a four-year old son. I love to work outdoors, read books, try new recipes and spend quality time with my family.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

If I could organize people’s homes for a living, that’s what I do!

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