Customer success manager

Michelle LaMunyon

April 2013
Maize, KS
WSU – BA Accounting – May 2013

What do you like best about the Profit Builders culture and working here?

Close relationships with co-workers and the flexibility of schedules/hours.

Tell us about your career development.

Started out at Color Me Mine – paint it yourself pottery studio – where I got to experience customer service and solve problems as they arose. I gained lots of knowledge about the workforce while working there and going to school. About a month or so before graduation, I got my spot at Profit Builders. Starting here was awesome! I not only had a job lined up after college, but I soaked in all that I could from others here. Everything that I had been learning in class clicked to what I was doing on a daily basis. I loved getting to know our software and working alongside co-workers until I received my own clients. I supported my clients in both payroll and accounting duties until we were going to onboard to PROWorkforce. Then, my accounting duties subsided so I could help with the transition of the payroll systems. During this time, I got to not only learn about almost every client in our building, but also see firsthand what this system has to offer! My payroll knowledge from Sage definitely helped lay the foundation for learning the ins and outs of PWF – and I couldn’t be more grateful I got that opportunity. I’ve since also taken on some of the tax management for our payroll clients. I’ve gotten to work beside Jami and Julie on quarterlies and have learned so much from them. I love seeing that end result with everything tying like it should – it makes my job rewarding.

What sets Profit Builders apart from its competitors in the industry?

We have a wide range of clients and co-workers that no two companies are really the same. Even if the two companies are competitors, each one is tailored to how it best fits them. Our team of co-workers is one of a kind as well. Anyone will pitch in at the drop of a hat if need be. It’s more a family feel then you’ll find anywhere else.

Profit Builders's PROWORK system concentrates on the relationship between employer, employee, and the payroll provider. How do you feel that connection is important?

One main reason that connection is important is the fact that we are outsourced payroll. So essentially, the employee should not even know about us. PROWork gives the employer that opportunity to answer any questions without missing a beat. That being said, the employer can also reach out to us for guidance. We have a pretty good idea of what they are referencing … sometimes when they hardly know. They don’t have to be payroll experts, but they can still be hands on with the payroll and their employees. That is a comforting feeling have on a consistent basis.

Tell us about your family and hobbies.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we currently have two children, Landry and Aikman. Yes, you could say we are huge Dallas Cowboys fans! When we’re not watching them win, we like to enjoy time as a family – getting ice cream, going to the zoo, fishing, or playing just about anything together. My husband’s family has some cabins at a lake that isn’t far from here so occasionally, we’ll travel for the weekend up there to get back to nature and enjoy the lake life. We are also a part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics community and have a big heart for first responders overall and the sacrifices they make for our country.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I cannot whistle.

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